CFI Canada is a volunteer-based, registered Canadian charity (Reg. No. 83364 2614 RR0001) overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors with advice on matters of operations and public policy provided by an Expert Advisory Panel.

CFI Canada’s Board of Directors is elected from the ranks of the CFI Council; the Council is comprised of 5% of the paid members (Friends of the Centre for Inquiry Canada).  The CFIC Annual General Meeting is held each year in March.

CFI Canada is headquartered in Toronto with branches located in communities throughout Canada.   Branches of CFI Canada are founded and operated by passionate and energetic people (members) interested to build a local skeptical, secular, humanistic community; Branch leaders are local individuals dedicated to building the CFI Canada Community.

Centre For Inquiry Canada’s Board of Directors is elected by the CFIC Council at the Annual General Meeting.

CFIC Board of Directors 2018/2019

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CFIC Past Board Members

CFIC is proud to recognize the service of Board Members since our formal founding in 2006.

  • Genessa Radke
  • Joanna Nguyen-Truong
  • Mike Gray
  • Veronica Abbass
  • Dorothy Hays
  • Gary Fitzgibbon
  • William Cranor
  • Iain Martel
  • Zak Fiddes
  • Richard Thain


5% of the total number of CFIC members are councillors. The number and constituency is set each year. Councillors are elected by the other councillors. Councillors are the only voting members of the corporation; they elect the board and other councillors.

Review our By-Laws for more information.


Full list of branches available with our Branch List

Advisory Fellows

Full list of branches available with our Advisory Fellows List